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Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Masu Ichi Brewery-Dai Ginjo (November 1988!)

July 6, 2015


My constant research on Shizuoka Prefecture sake and sake breweries led me some years ago to meet Mr. Toshihiro Matsunaga/松永俊宏さん, owner of Matsunaga Liquor Shop in Shizuoka City, who has been collecting and safely storing at low temperatures sake from all over Shizuoka Prefecture and some outside for no less than 30 years!
I paid him a long overdue visit the other day to talk about his treasures and purchase one of them for tasting!



Dai Ginjo by Masu Ichi Brewery (Shizuoka City) bottled in November 1988!
Founded in 1882, Masu Ichi Brewery last produced sake until 2011 under master brewer Denjirou Masui/増井伝次郎杜氏 who left this world at the young age of 49. The brewery has been dormant since then but will hopefully be reborn with the coming of age of his son who has vowed to continue in the steps of his celebrated father!
There are still some last bottles but they certainly are to find and any who does proudly announces it!



Rice: Yamada Nishiki
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Bottled in November 1988

Clarity: still very clear!
Color: light golden hue
Aroma: dry and fruity. melon, banana, chocolate
Body: fluid, a little sirupy
Taste: very fruity and dry attack with only a little petillant on the late.
Complex: melon, banana.
Lingers for a little while before departing on notes of dark chocolate and chestnuts.
very pleasurable and easy to drink.

Overall: A remarkably well preserved true beauty for such an sake!
Not only drinking but savoring history!
Very soft on the palate with only a little petillant springing up at the end.
No need to accompany it with food! It is simply too precious!
To be valued and enjoyed like a very fine old vintage top-class wine!


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Shizuoka Umeshu: Masu-Ichi Brewery

August 21, 2008

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Every year more local breweries are offering “umeshu” eminently popular in summer when it is most appreciated poured over a few ice cubes!

Masu-Ichi Brewery in Shizuoka City has just entered the fray with concoction called “Denjiro”, which actually is the master brewer/toji’s trade name as he is the second apprentice of Denbei Kawamura, the man who created the Shizuoka Yeast.

It contains less alcohol, 7~8 degrees, as compared to the more usual 15 degrees, making it very easy to drink by ladies and younger people in particular.

Masu Ichi Brewery: “Denjiro”, “Tsuka/Plum Aroma” Umeshu

Alcohol: 7~8 degrees
Plums, sake, sugar.
Bottled: July 11th, 2008

Clarity: very clear
Colour: light red/pink
Aroma: light, dry, plums
Body: velvety
Taste: Shortish tail. Plum taste discreet, not overwhelming. Elegant. Dry.

Overall: Makes for a great light aperitif in hot summers!

Shizuoka Vintage Sake (1): Masu-Ichi

June 22, 2008

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I have the particular luck to know a liquor shop, Matsunaga Saketen (Japanese), whose owner, Mr. Matsunaga, has collected and safely stored sake from the Showa Era, that is, since 1988 and before! He even has introduced his stock on the internet, a document that any Japanese-reading sake-lover ought to consult!
But I certainly will not limit myself to reading!
Melinda, Etsuko and even Tim are going to scream unfair! selfish! &%$#”#$ or whatever else, when they find out I have decided to explore the whole Shizuoka stock. Mr matsunaga also has other brews from different regions as demonstrated by the two Niigata sake dating back to 1977 I was gracefully offered to taste when I paid him a visit last Thursday to get my first two vintage bottles! Absolute nectars!

Masu Ichi Brewery (Shizuoka City): Junmai Nama Tsume, August 7th, 1987

Note: labels then did not follow the present classification system and do read a bit quaint:
This brew is declared as 二級/Second Grade. It also bears the mentions 米だけの酒/sake made from rice only, and 高級清酒/high grade sake!

Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Contents: 300ml

Unusual shape for a 300ml bottle, too!

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Almost transparent
Aroma: Oaky but discreet, hints of nuts and almonds
Body: Velvety to fluid
Taste: Short tail. Dry at first, then mellowing inside mouth. Junmai tingle.
Bitter chocolate, nuts, almonds.
Turns dry with food.

Overall: Very well preserved and easy to drink considering its old age. Just a faint hint of “oldishness”. Very different impression from present day sake, but very pleasurable. Reminded me of sake I used to drink a long time ago: more earthy and macho (Tim, don’t ask me!).
Lots of character, complex.
Could be enhanced by warming it first (300ml was ot enough to explore that particular route, unfortunately!).
A sake devised for food.