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Shizuoka Sake Tasting 21~5: Kanzawagawa Brewery-Shosetsu Futsushu

May 13, 2010

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Kanzawagawa Brewery is also an old establishment located very near the sea at Yui, Shimizu Ku, Shziuoka City along the old Tokaido Road.
They have the merit to still make absolutely extravagant “futsushu/regular sake” at ridiculous prices.

Like most of all futsushu (only 18% of the total production, probably the lowest in Japan), the bottles are adorned with old traditional designs!. As they are easy to conserve thy would make the perfect souvenir back home in the rest of world!

Kansawa Brewery: Shosetsu Futsushu

Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Rice milled down to 70%
Bottled in January 2010

Clarity: very clear
Colour: transaparent
Aroma: Strong attack upon opening the bottle. Tends to dissipate quickly.
Fruity. Bitter chocolate, banana, macadamia nuts
Body: fluid
Taste: Dry attack backed up by delicious alcohol and a basket of dry nuts and bananas.
Complex/not straightforward for a fustushu.
Pleasantly warming up back of the palate with plenty of dry almonds, finishing on a pleasant acid note.
Holds its own well with any food with an accetuated dryness.

Overall: A sake for all meals, although eminetly drinkable on its own.
Certainly not the “image” of the futsushu, but futsushu are simply extravagant in Shizuoka Prefecture, considering that the rice millage would qualify it as premium sake!

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Shizuoka Sake Tasting 21/4: Kansawagawa Brewery

July 28, 2008

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Like most breweries, Kanasawagawa Brewery in Yui (soon to be absorbed by Shizuoka City) has been outputting its nama/unpasteurized sake at a time when the heat entices sake lovers to drink their favourite brew chilled.

Kanasawagawa Brewery: Shosetsu Ginjo Nama

Rice milled down to 50%
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Bottledin June 2008

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Almost transparent
Aroma: Light. Fruity: Almonds, melon.
Body: Velvety~fluid
Taste: Nama tingle. Alcohol.
Elegant. Fruity: melon, coffee beans and bitter chocolate appearing later.
Light impression all way through. Very easy to drink.

Overall: A sake that would please ladies in particular.
Very soft on palate in spite of its “nama/unpasteurized” nature.
Makes for the perfect aperitif.
Is not influenced by food

Shizuoka Sake Tasting by The Tokyo Sake Meetup Group

March 3, 2008

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The Tokyo Sake Meetup Group, the new name for the former Tokyo Geeks met to taste loads of sake at Ichobee, Tokyo on March 1st.
See pictures of the event and read their report and activiies!
Among them were three offerings from Shizuoka Prefecture. They reached Tokyo with no labels to indicate what they were.
Here are the results from that Tasting Meet:

#1, #2, #3 (see introductions below comments):
Comments by Etsuko Nakamura
Mystery Sake from Shizuoka
Melinda brought these sake from Robert-Gilles. Robert-Gilles lives in Shizuoka and loves the area so much and his blog sites are all about Shizuoka including sake. I don’t know anyone who’s more dedicated to their hometown than him! To find out what the three bottles were, please visit Robert Gill’s blog at
Votes: When the group was asked to pick their favorite out of three, this is the result.
5 votes for #1
3 votes for #2
5 votes for #3

My comments:
#1-light, ricey, smooth, tasty
#2- kind of thin like paper and finish quickly, sour, Jocelyn said ceder aroma, Naomi detected bamboo like aroma
#3-sweet, high in alcohol, firm, heavy, nice texture, my pick out of three

Those sake were a bit off the tracks compared to what I sent before, and some people might be surprised to learn what they are in fact!

Kansawagawa Brewery (Yui, Shizuoka City)
Futsushu/Regular Sake
Rice milled down to 70% (absolutely extravagant, but normal for Shizuoka

Sugii Brewery (Fujieda City)
Suginishiki, Junmai Taru Zake (limited edition for 2008 Spring)
Rice milled down to 60%

Shidaizumi Brewery (Fujieda City)
Shidaizumi Hiyaoroshi
Futsusyu/regular sake again but rice milled down to 65% (is there another word stronger than extravagant?)

Well, I understand they were a bit of posers, but tell me when you organize your next Meet and I will send you sake more in harmony with what you all brought!
Cheers! Kanpai! Sante!

Shizuoka Sake Tasting 21-3: Kansagawa-Shosetu Brewery

January 2, 2008

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December is (was) a good month to look for limited (“gentei”) editions, what with all the new sake coming out, and Kansagawa Brewery in Yui did not fail expectations!

Shosetsu Junmai Shiboritate Nama (gentei)
Rice milled down to 60%
Bottled in December 2007

Clarity: very clear
Colour: almost transparent
Aroma: Fruity/Flowers/Green apples, pineapple
Body: velvety
Taste: Very dry. Fruity: green apples, pineapple, raisins.
Complex. Reveals melon and muscat with food.
Dryness lingering in mouth.

Overall: A sake that drinks truly well with food.
Complex mood lingering in mouth.

Shizuoka Sake Tasting 21-2: Kansawagawa-Shosetsu Brewery

December 5, 2007

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When I visited Kansawagawa-Shosetsu Brewery last month, I bought both ends of their range and deicded to taste their top first. Slightly extravagant of me, I must confess!

Shosetsu Junmai Daiginjo

Rice: Yamada Nishiki 100%
Rice milled down to 35%
Dryness: +1~+4
Acidity: 1.3
Bottled in November 2007

Clarity: very clear

Colour: Golden tinge

Aroma: very discreet, ricey, green apples, pears

Body: velvety

Taste: Complex, difficult to catch as varies with food.
Dry impression
Fruity: gardenias, pears, almonds, bitter chocolate.
Later bananas and melon.
Lingers on palate, especially after food.

Overall: Elegant. Fleeting.
Session sake.
At times drier than expected.
Turns extravagant with food.

Shizuoka Breweries 15: Kanzawagawa-Shosetsu Brewery

November 28, 2007

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If you happen to visit Kansawagawa-Shosetsu Brewery, you will understand why I called myself lucky many times!
The access is pretty simple: Get off at Kambara JR Station, use the only exit, turn left and let your feet carry you for a quarter of an hour. I cannot say that the street scene is particularly picturesque in this part of Yui-Cho, but the mountains bordering the village are still worth observing. Now if you can get a whole day of freedom, I would suggest that after your visit at the Brewery you walk all the way till the next JR station called Yui. This will allow you to pay a visit to the tiny but absolutely unforgetable Hiroshige Ukiyoe Museum, stop at a few interesting “miyage-souvenir” shops and finally stop at a local sushi restaurant near the harbour to savour the nationally famous local shrimp called “sakura ebi”, fresh from the morning catch in season!
yui-harbour.jpg yui-sakura-kakiage.jpg
You could do it the other way, that is go down at Yui Station, go the harbour for a very early lunch/late breakfast and sample the “Sakura ebi Kakiage” (Sakura shrimp tenpura) at a local stand then walk all the way to Kambara Station!
shosetsu2.jpg shosetsu4.jpg shosetsu5.jpg shosetsu16.jpg
The 5th generation owner, Mr. Masataka Mochizuki (45) was already expecting me. The unprepossessing gentleman had kindly agreed to an appointment over the phone despite the fact we had never met before. It seems at last that the sometimes very closed world of Shizuoka Sake Brewers was finally opening up more easily to that “gaijin jamamushi” (“foreign meddler”)! I shall have a few doors (sliding doors) to break, but it is definitely getting easier these days.
Mr. Mochizuki actually welcomed me very warmly and introduced me to his “to-in” (brewers) led by Master Brewer Junetsu Yamakage of the Nanbu School in Iwate Prefecture and his young Second Master Brewer, Tsutomu Sakimura, also of the Nanbu School, but fromAichi Prefecture.
The two of them and six more brewers from Iwate Prefecture produce 150.000 1,8l. bottles a year. It is hard grunt work for 6 consecutive months as I could judge with my own eyes when I was allowed to watch them washing and soaking the rice for the next batch of sake.
shosetsu7.jpg shosetsu6.jpg shosetsu9.jpg shosetsu10.jpg shosetsu11.jpg shosetsu12.jpg shosetsu13.jpg shosetsu14.jpg shosetsu15.jpg
Kanzawagawa Brewery is making use of a combination of traditional and more modern equipment such as th Aoshima System Rice Washer (created only 15 years ago).
The water is brought directly by a network of pipes from a point 2 km up Kansawa river.
As I said, this is heavy work, but Mr. Mochizuki makes sure his men are well looked after as demonstrated by the nice old lady who comes all the way down from Iwate Prefecture every year to stay and cook the brewers’ meals.
When I asked Mr. Mochizuki about the image of his sake, he replied that he strives for a clean/clear sake with an aroma reminscent of fruit, just enough to encourage one to the next cup.
The rice used is mainly Giginga (Iwate), Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo, Shizuoka), O-machi (Okayama), with some Homare Fuji (Shizuoka), Gin Otome (Iwate) and Hana Fuguki (Aomori thrown in).
Yeasts are Shizuoka NEW-5, HD-1 and No2, and Association No 10.
They also produce some futsu/normal sake of astounding quality at a ridiculous price.
As I did with some other Shizuoka Brewers, I suggested Mr. Mochizuki that it was about grand time to create a special grading criterion for Shizuoka “futsu sake”!
He certainly warmed up to the notion as he offered me a lift all the way to the harbour where I told I wished to sample the sakura ebi there! (carrying along two bottles I bought at the Brewery!)

Kanzawagawa-Shosetsu Brewery
421-3103 Ihara Gun, Yui Cho, Yui 181
Tel.: 0543-752033
Fax: 0543-752133

Shizuoka Sake Tasting 21-1: Kansawagawa-Shosetsu Brewery

October 22, 2007

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Kansawagawa Brewery, more widely known for its main brand Syosetsu, is located in Yui Cho, which will become part of Shizuoka City in 2008.

Syosetsu Junmai Ginjo
Rice: Yamada Nishiki 100%
Rice milled down to 50%
Dryness +1~+4
Acidity: 1.3
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees proof

Clarity: very clear

Colour: almost tansparent

Aroma: discreet and fruity, pears.

Body: velvety

Taste: Complex. fruity. Junmai tingle disappears quickly. Pears lingering.
Food reveals a little welcome acidity. Bitter chocolate and almonds later

Overall: Elegant
A sake for all seasons. Goes very well with food.
New flavours revealed by food. Best drunk at room temperature.