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Shizuoka Sake Tasting 6/7: Oumuraya Brewery

February 26, 2008

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The Shizuoka Geeks tasted (I would say guzzled down) this extravagant sake (ishobin/1.8 l.) concocted by Oumuraya Brewery in Shimada City as we had a few reasons to celebrate. It is a “limited edition”, so I am religiously (I’m an agnostic hedonist) keeping the labels safe.
Its name is “Hanya”. People interested in Japanese culture will be interested, I’m sure!
It is also a “tobinkoi”, meaning it was filtered into one of those big glass vats for maturing.

Oomuraya Brewery/Hanya Junmai Daiginjo
Rice: Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture
Rice milled down to 50%
Yeast: Shizuoka HD-1
Alcohol: 17~18 degrees (high)

Clarity: very clear

Colour: almost transparent

Aroma: fruity and light, almost discreet. Elegant. Pineapple.

Body: velvety

Taste: sweetish at first. Junmai tingle. Fruity: pineapple.
Elegant with short tail. Calling for the next sip. So easy to drink. Coffee beans revealed later. Goes surprisingly well with food, keeping it character all along.

Overall: Definitely a bit too extravagant for our rough lot, but who complains? Some people are going to kill me for coming with so few notes for such a beauty!
What I found extraordinary is that such a high-class sake held its own so well, even as we were eating cheese and real curry cooked by our English Host, Mark (Talk about a rough lot! LOL)

Shizuoka Breweries 14: Oomuraya-Wakatake Brewery

November 17, 2007

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I had been wanting to visit Oomuraya Brewery in Shimada City for many reasons:
oomuraya-1.jpg oomuraya-3.jpg
Known under the names of its main brews. Onigoroshi, Onna Nakase and Wakatake, it has exported to the United States for quite some time as well as smaller quantities in Asia and Europe.

Oomuraya Brewery is an establishment always happy to welcome visitors and conduct group tasting sessions and even one-day classes. Just calll them some time in advance and they will oblige.
oomuraya-5.jpg oomuraya-4.jpg
As the “shikomi” had not started yet when I appeared at their head office on Tuesday, October 30th, the resident second Master-Brewer/Toji, Mr. Satoru Hibino, was on hand to greet me. An ever-smiling man aged 34, Mr. Hibino, originally from Aichi Prefecture, has worked for Oomuraya since 1997 after graduating from the Shizuoka University Agriculture Faculty. He presently works in the company of five other brewers under the orders of Nanbu Master Brewer Ginichi Sugawara (64) all from the Nanbu Brewers School in Iwate Prefecture.
oomuraya-6.jpg oomuraya-8.jpg oomuraya-9.jpg
oomuraya-10.jpg oomuraya-11.jpg
The six of them spend 6 months working extremely hard every year in the Brewery owned by the sixth generation (since 1832), Mr. Keisaji Matsunaga, a jovial “young man of 70” who regularly visits New York to introduce his brews.
oomuraya-13.jpg oomuraya-14.jpg
The annual production of Wakatake (originally known under the name of Okisagi) amounts to 200,000 1.8l. bottles, 20% of which is exported.
The water comes from a well dug 50 metres deep into the Oi River (Oigawa)bed.
As for rice they use quite a few varieties:
Gohyakumangoku (Toyama, Shizuoka, Fukui, Niigata)
Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo)
Aichi no Kaori (Shizuoka)
Homare Fuji (Shizuoka)
Hitomebore (Iwate)
Yeast is basically from Shizuoka Prefecture, including some obscure ones:
Shizuoka HD-1, NEW-5, CH-50, NO-2 and SY-103 as well as Number 14

wakatake-13.jpg wakatake-14.jpg wakatake-15.jpg
Oomuraya Brewery also produces many private brands to help commemorate various cultural events and spread the popularity of sake in their own area, not always an easy task with the many “intruders” lurking around the corners. No wonder the figure of an Oni/Demon Guardian stands predominantly above their entrance!

Oomuraya Brewery
427-0022 Shimada City, Hontoori, 1-1-8
Tel.: 0547-373058
Fax: 0547-377576

Shizuoka Sake Tasting 6-5: Oomuraya Brewery

November 13, 2007

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“Umaikena” Daiginjo by Oomuraya/Wakatake brewery, Shimada City, was the firts bottle tasted on November 2nd.

Umaikena Daiginjo

Rice: Yamada Nishiki
Rice milled down to 40%
Dryness: 1.4
Acidity: 1.2
Amino acids: 1.0
Shizuoka Yeast
Bottled in October 2007

Clarity: very clear

Colour: almost transparent
Aroma: Light, fruity, complex

Body: Velvety

Taste: Complex, buts soft and light. Fruity. Bananas.

Overall: Typical Shizuoka Sake. Elegant. Tends to change with food.
Ladies at the tasting session particularly liked it