Other Regions: Kanagawa Prefecture Sake Breweries List

Kumazawa Brewery/Shoko

I understand this blog is devoted to sake brewed in Shizuoka Prefecture, but whenever I have the luck to visit other regions in Japan I follow the (somewhat changed) adage: Drink in Roma what Romans drink!

As I go regularly to Yokohama and other parts of Kanagawa Prefecture I make a point to taste their sake with their food!

Kanagawa Prefecture Breweries List:

Ebina City:
Izumibashi Brewery (Izumibashi)

Tsukui Gun:
Shimizu Brewery (Iwao No Izumi)
Kubota Brewery

Isehara City:
Yoshikawa Brewery (Kikuyu)

Ashigaragami Gun:
Seto Brewery
Ishii Brewery

Kawanishiya Brewery/Tanzawayama

Kawanishiya Brewery
Inoue Brewery
Nakazawa Brewery

Atsugi City:

Koganei Breweru/Sakamasu

Koganei Brewery

Shinno City:
Kanei Brewery

Odawara City:
Soda Brewery

Aikou Gun:
Oyatakashi Brewery

Chigasaki City:

Kumazawa Brewery/Shokou

Kumazawa Brewery/Kamakura Shiori

Kumazawa Brewery/Shounan

Kumazawa Brewery (Tensei, Shokou)

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