Shizuoka Breweries 1: Kokkou Brewery

A very small “kura” founded in 1890.
Mr. Matsuo is the 7th generation Master Brewer.
It has no catalogue on offer, but it achieved great fame for developping the “Shizuoka Yeast” (“Shizuoka Koobo”) used by 9 “kura” in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Great welcome, although the place is tucked away from civilization. It cost me more than 50 US$ to find it by taxi from the railway station as no bus was available, but it was all worth it!
Talking of great welcome, although I only bought a bottle of Junmai Ginjyo, they presented me wit a good 2 kg of “Sake Kasu” (white lees or solid residual matter left after filtering , used to make “Amazake” or in Japanese pickles), whereas a lot of companies sell it!
Homepage (Japanese)

Visited on December 22nd, 2006
Address: Fukuroi City, Yamada, 537
Tel.: 0538-486405
Fax: 0538-486428

Denichiro (a special brew)

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