February 2009: Shizuoka Breweries News


Greetings, everyone!

There have been some changes ‘very) recently in Shizuoka

In Kakegawa City, the cousin of Haginishiki Brewery owner in Shizuoka City has decided to part ways with Sogatsuru Brewery to fly on his own wings.
The new brewery will be called Hagi no Kura Brewery from April instead of Sogatsuru-Hagi No Kura Brewery. It will also move to a new locale in Kakegawa City.
To be completely independent Hagi no Kura bought Yoshiya Brewery’s license In Shizuoka City. They also acquired all “Chumasa” brand sake, which they will sell under its name. There is a chance that Chumasa brand name will be continued.

As for Yoshiya Brewery, the owner’s “official reason” for ceasing operations is Mr.Nakashima’s, their Nanbu bremaster, physical incapacity to continue brewing. The brewery owner avered that he was not ready to have sake made by anybody else.
Upon investigation, the real reason is that no one in the family is interested in preserving 250 years of history and is more interested in money. The owner is notorious for his love of golf and Mercedes Benz,… His wife has made it secret she did not like being tied by business,… They sold all their equipment to Hagi no Kura Brewery and are now renting their land,…

As for Sogatsuru Nrewery, they have ceased making sake, but are still keeping their license. Maybe someone will be interested,…

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