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The Last Bottle 5/3?: Yoshiya Brewery

May 13, 2009

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As Yoshiya Brewery has officially ceased operations last March, I acquired a few of their bottles for posterity, at least for the sake of his retired Masterbrewer Harushu Nakashima!

Yoshiya Brewery: Chuumasa Junmai Ginjo
Rice milled down to 50% (extravagany)
Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Dryness: + 4
Acidity: +2 (high for Shizuoka)
Bottled in January 2009

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: Faint golden tinge
Aroma: Fruity: pineapple, banana, vanilla
Body: Velvety
Taste: Well-rounded. Complex. Fruity attack: banana, vanilla, coffee beans.
Elegant. Shortish tail. Faint junmai tingle.
Turns sweeter with food.

Overall: Elegant sake. Fruity wit a great balance.
Calls for another sip.
Multi-faceted. Great on its own at room temperature.
Stands very well to food. Tends to sweeten up with food.

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JAPAN-I: The new source of information for Visitors in Japan!

May 11, 2009


A new Website and Magazine called Japan-I was born in January this year and has been fast becoming the perquisite for newcomers and residents alike in Japan!


The free magazine, both available in English and Chinese (180,000 copies) is available in Tokyo at main airports and stations, and will be on stands in other airports soon, including Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport!

As for the website, it provides information in English, Korean, Mainland Chinese and Taiwan Chinese.

All articles and information are exclusively written by residents in Japan, offering veracity, authenticity and invaluable service for all!

If the tabloid is not available in your region, contact the editors at!