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When I entered Odakui on February 8th, I must confess it was already the second establishment I visited that particular night. I had only intended to stay there long enough to give myself a good idea of this establishment introduced to me by its “sister” izakaya, Yasatei.
Well, well,…
Lucky I was on my own. I can’t imagine what would have happened if a certain Gaijiin Tonic and Foodhoe had been with me! I very much doubt I would have been able to teach from 09:00 the next morning!
The owner, Naofumi Ohshiro, who opened Odakui 8 years ago before helping open Yassaitei 5 years later, did not know who I was (he could not believe I’m a lecturer!). The gentleman seems to decide on the spur of the moment who he likes or not, unless it was because he is an unconditional fan of the famed Japanese manga artist Ose Akira who wrote the series “Kurabito Claude”, the story of a third-generation Japanese-American who visits Japan to explore his roots and to subsequently become a sake brewer.
Nevertheless, when I ordered sake, he told me to bear with him and accept a cup of an absolutely extravagant Junmai Daiginjo (one of the most expensive sake I ever saw in Shizuoka Prefecture!) brewed by Oomurya Brewery in Shimada City as a welcome greeting! Look at the “Oni’s” face on the label and compare it with Mr. Ohshiro’s on the picture at the top of this posting, holding the famous “Dobu” nigori sake from Nara Prefecture. Can you see a resemblance?
I ordered a Shosetsu brew by Kanasawagawa Brewery in Yui ( Isojiman and Chumasa are also on his list) which came with a great-looking snack. The very friendly staff jhelped me choose an assortment of sashimi:
Top: Kanpachi/Amberjack
Middle: Saba/Mackerel & Akami/lean tuna
Bottom: Hirame/sole
All great quality, tasty and cut in the traditional way that Lojol would expect!
As Mr. Ohshiro had realized he had found a soulbrother, he came back whenever he could get a minute or two in his busy izakaya, which sits half a dozen at the counter and a good dozen more at two tables set as “horikotatsu”, to engage in this unending conversation on sake and Shizuoka Brewers.
As the conversation was just too great to go back home early, I ordered the grilled “kuro hampen”/dark sardine paste, a specialty only made in our Prefecture, served with grated ginger and chopped leeks. Mr. Ohshiro then insisted I sampled the “Dobu” nigori sake introduced in Akira Ose’s first book. Great sake which completely caught me off guard.
But I wanted to drink a full glass of that “Oni” above-mentioned, or I knew it would stayed on my mind fordays ahead. My host kindly pointed out it was pretty expensive (it was), but I waved his reservations away. I’m sure that Melinda, Etsuko and Tim would have approved! The brew was simply extraordinary, and for all its delicay went down so well with food! I know I’m going to do something really silly soon!

Blimey, I had to leave knowing we had not talked about half of what we ought have to, but I knew we had parted at the right time as I had some difficulty riding back home in a straight line on my bicycle!

Why do I have the impression that Odakui will become my “next door” (Japanese expression for the second place of the night)? Who am I to complain anyway?
Kanpai & Banzai!

420-0034, Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Tokiwa-cho, 1-8-1, Aoba Yokocho, 2F
Tel. & Fax: 054-2536900
Business hours: !7:00~24:00

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4 Responses to “Shizuoka Izakaya: Odakui”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Oh, you smooth talker! Looks like you made yourself a fine friend as well as a second home there are at Odakui.

    How much was that Oni, by the way?

    Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently, R-G. Since returning from my trip last week, it’s been a whirlwind of activity (mostly those wine classes I’ve started teaching). I still have those two bottles for you, which I promise to send soon. I hope you like them. Same producer and grade but different rice, so it may be an interesting comparison for you.

    And I have yet to catch up with Etsuko (she’s a busy bee herself these days) for our mystery sake tasting!

    Hope you are well and staying warm.

    Take care,

  2. dragonlife Says:

    The Oni, which I intend to survey some time in the future, is sold for 10,500 yen for a 1.8l ishobin at Department stores in Shizuoka.
    I don’t have the habit to ask to for a detailed bill. All considered, what I paid at Odakui was very fair with all the little services. I can imagine I would have had to pay around 2,500 yen for the very generous overflowing glass I was served!

    Don’t worry, and take your time!

    Talking of wine, one from from my home will be on sale here in Shizuoka from this week. It is a Bourgogne Rouge, Cote Chalonnaise from the Caves of Bissey.
    I will send you a report.

    My regards to Etsuko and all the gals and lads!

  3. foodhoe Says:


    What a delicious and fun evening, I hope you wear a helmet when cycling tipsy!

  4. dragonlife Says:

    I never wear a helmet, even when playing cricket!
    If I were really drunk, the helmet would simply unbalance me! LOL!
    I’m more worried about the marauding policemen looking for people to fine!

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