Shizuoka Sake Tasting 24-2: Yamanaka Brewery/Sakedo Yamanaka

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Yamanaka Brewery is more famous for its other brand name, Aoitenka, but I just could not pass this Sakedo Yamanaka/”Sake Route Inside the Mountains” when I discovered it in Fukuroi City.
People say that Shizuoka sake are hard to find outside our Prefecture, but I can tell they are not always to find here, either! So when I found any, I don’t bother, I just take them all (4 on that trip alone!)

Yamanaka Brewery: Sakedo Yamanaka Junmai

Rice: Shizuoka Aichi no Kaori
Rice milled down to 65%
Dryness: +2
Acidity: 1.4
Yeast: No 1001
Bottled in December 2007

Clarity: very clear

Colour: Almost transparent

Aroma: Dry, fleeting, discreet/Green apples/Pineapple

Body: velvety

Taste: Very dry. Welcome acidity. Coffee Beans/Almonds/Bitter Chocolate.
Turns sweet with food.

Overall: Great sake with food.
Turns multi-faceted with food. Calls for the next sip

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