Shizuoka sake Tasting 10-2: Takashima Brewery

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When you look at Takashima Brewery’s labels, you will have to make a point at looking carefully at tha “band” over the main label, as this is the only information you will get (and make sure it goes into your scrap book as well!)

Although, their brews are few, they are definitely out of the oridinary. A favourite? Definitel!

Hakuin Masamune Homare Fuji Junmai Shu

Rice: Homare Fuji
Rice milled down to 60%
Alcohol: 15=16 degrees
Bottled in October 2007

Clarity: very clear

Colour: almost transparent

Aroma: Light, ricey

Body: velvety

Taste: Complex, but takes time to develop.
Fruits: dark cherries. Junmai tingle. Unexpected and welcome acidity appears with food.
Develops and lingers on the palate after second sip

Overall: Complex, elegant, refined.
A sake you discover as you taste it.
Session sake

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