Shizuoka Sake Tasting 14-4: Shidaizumi Brewery

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I finally got my hands on a bottle of “seishu/futsushu” (“normal sake” as opposed to premium sake) brewed by Shidaizumi in Fujieda City. If you read the notes below carefully, you will realize why a new classification system is needed for this kind of sake!

Shidaizumi Hiyaoroshi Seishu (normal sake) Genshu (original unadultered brew)
Alcohol content: 18 degrees
Rice: Goyakumangoku (Toyama Prefecture) 20%, Hitomebore (Yamagata Prefecture) 80%
Rice milled down to 65% (!!!!)
Yeast: Shizuoka Kobo NO-2
Dryness: +4
Acidity: 1.3

Clarity: Very clear

Colour: Almost transparent

Aroma: Light, ricey

Body: fluid

Taste: Solid. Bitter Chocolate. Welcome acidity

Overall: Quite a surprise. But looking at milling percentage, simply extravagant for “futsushu”. Welcome acidity.
Goes very well with food.
Would be a good sample to refer to as far as a new grading sytem is concerned. Outstanding value for price!

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2 Responses to “Shizuoka Sake Tasting 14-4: Shidaizumi Brewery”

  1. Thank you for the Shizuoka mystery sake! at Tokyofoodcast Says:

    […] As always, you stripped all labels from the bottles. Thus, the mystery sake were truly impossible to guess. I believe your instruction was to start with the green bottle, which we followed religiously. As soon as we opened the bottle, fruity aromas filled air. Comments I managed to jot down are: “very fresh nama kind of sake”, “so many layers of flavor”, “sweet and dry”, “long lasting finish”, “sweet finish”, “high in alcohol, easy to get drunk”. Everyone was totally impressed by this wonderful sake from Shidaizumi. […]

  2. dragonlife Says:

    You are most welcome!

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