Shizuoka Sake Tasting 20/1: Isojiman-Aiyama Daiginjo 50

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Isojiman Brewery (Yaizu city) is a Brewery proud of its clean image and always keen to advertise it. I must admit they do make an effort on presentation, too, as typified by this Italian wine style bottle which makesthe brew the more attractive for it.
Isojiman makes use of a local rice called Aiyama of the same name of nearby mountains.
Rice is milled down to 50%

Clarity: very clear

Colour: Almost transparent

Aroma: Light and soft/Feminine/Fruity/green grapes/green muscat/green apple

Body: light & velvety

Taste: complex, feminine, soft. Sweet green grapes. Sweetness lingering.
Welcome acidity revealed upon eating.

Overall: A complex pleasant sake
Tends to fluctuate whether you eat or not and to surprise along a meal.
One might enjoy it on its own while another will find it attractive with food instead of wine.
Definitely worth a try, although gentlemen might find it a bit too feminine.

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