Shizuoka Sake Tasting 13/3: Hana No Mai Brewery

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We continue the 300ml bottles with Hana no Mai Brewery (Hamakita/Hamamatsu City)this time

This Karakkaze was brewed on December 11th, 2006.
The rice was milled down to 55%. If Hana no mai does not advertize the kind of sake, one can automatically assume it is honjozo or yokubetsu honjozo. The 55% would indicate the latter.

Clarity: very clear

Colour: almost transparent

Aroma: ricey, light

Body: light/velvety

Taste: Banana, Vanilla, Almonds
Little tingle with liquoruce and bitter chocolate faintly appearing later

Overall: typical of Hana no Mai Brewery.
Light, easy to drink, ideal for beginners and young ladies.


3 Responses to “Shizuoka Sake Tasting 13/3: Hana No Mai Brewery”

  1. lojol Says:

    I saw on the news that a major sake brewery in Kashiwazaki City, Niigata, was partially destroyed by the recent earthquake. The news report said that it produces about 1 million bottles per year, which seems a lot to me.
    I know that this is a Shizuoka Sake blog, but I wonder, as a sign of solidarity, if we could somehow send a message of encouragement as they rebuild their 200 year old brewery?

  2. dragonlife Says:

    Dear Patrick!
    I totally agree with you!
    They are indeed a big brewery, probably producing ten times as much as any average in Shizuoka Prefecture!
    Could you give me the name of the brewery and I shall send a message on everybody’s behalf!

  3. lojol Says:

    Does this help? Something I found on the net:

    Jizake 005Ni-013
    Koshinohomare/Sakabito, junmaishu brewed by Hara Suzo in Kashiwazaki

    Raw material: Rice and rice yeast
    Rice polishing rate: 65%
    Alcohol content: 15 to 16%
    Acid grade: 1.4
    Specific grade: +5
    Amino acid: 1.9

    This sake is rich in natural flavor of tanrei-karekuchi. or elegant, fine and crispy. You can have an aftertaste of sharpness and clearness in the throat. It tastes very good when it is drunk cooled or warmed moderately. You can fully enjoy characters of junmaishu by means of the sort. And also at a moderate price.

    The trade mark of “Koshi-no-homare” was named by the fourth owner expecting that this sake will be a treasure to people living in the district Echigo and that they will live a happy life.
    The subtitle of “Sakabito” means workers of skill who devote themselves to brewing good quality sake.

    In the Bunka Age 11 (1814), late in the Edo era, the founder Kotaro Hara began to make sake in Kashiwazaki. In those days the town was prosperous not only as post town but also as marine transportation center large ships reached and left.

    Since establishment, the brewery Hara Shuzo has continued to bring up sake loved by sake fans for long, adding of the taste built up in the history of a period of 200 years to a new style taste.

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