Shizuoka Sake Tasting 7-2: Fuji-Takasago Brewery/Junmai Ginjo

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Tasting can either become a heavy load on your liver or on your purse. I usually acquire 720ml bottles, but whenever I can grab those 300ml flasks, I don’t hesitate as they allow me to go through a lot of brews and limit myself to one sample a day. Thinking there are well over 300 brews to taste, I have no worries about psoting articles!
This particular brand was one of four I bought yeaterday. I gave it priority as it is from Fuji-Takasago Brewery in Fujinomiya City, quite a long way from Shizuoka City

It is a “nama” (unpasteurized) junmai gunjo bottled in May 2005
The only indication about rice was that is was milled down to 58%.

Clarity: very clear

Colour: very light golden tinge

Aroma: light but sharpish/ricey

Body: smooth/velvety

Taste: Very light with a welcome lingering tinge on the palate. Banana, roasted nuts/liquorice

Overall: Very easy to drink, in spite of its “nama” nature. A little weak for some maybe. Well suited for beginners

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