Shizuoka Sake Tasting 15: Senju Brewery

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At long last, I tasted my first bottle from Senju Brewery in Iwata City. I can’t explain why, but I have problems to put my hands on the this prolific Brewery in the west part of our Prefecture!

This brew’s name, Honami, is quite poetic as it means “rice shaffs waves”!
This is a “biological” sake as the 100% Goyakumangoku rice strain is grown around Iwata City, an area famous for its agriculture, without any artificial fertilizer or pesticides.
It is a “seishu” junmai, 15.5 degrees of alcohol, rice milled down to 55%, making use of water from own well fed by Tenryuu River.

Clarity: very clear

Colour: Transparent

Aroma: light,ricey + pears

Body: Light and velvety

Taste: Petillant on the palate. Bananas, pears. Later vanilla and bitter chocolate

Aftertaste: Petillant lingers around at the back of the palate with pearsand vanilla.

Overall: Pert, feminine. Would go well with chocolate and desserts.

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