Tasting 6: Omuraya/Wakatake Brewery

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My Japanese wife uncharacteristically bought me a bottle of sake! (she drinks wine most of the time…)
It is a bottle brewed by Omuraya/Wakatake Brewery in Shimada City to celebrate the Spring.
It is a “nama” (unpasteurized), tokubetsu no junmai (pure rice sake) brewed on the 9th of January 2007 from ricemilled down to 60%.Since my wife has a good nose and palate, we decided to taste it together before she reverted to her wine…

Name: “Haru No Nama Ippon”

Clarity: extremely clear
Color: almost transparent
Body: Smooth, sirupy

Aroma: quite faint, flowers, clover, yoghurt

Taste: surprisingly strong, considering the flavour.
Vanilla custard, flowers and cherries.
Disappears quickly, but no aftertaste whatsoever.
Definitely a sake conceived for youg women!


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