Liquor Shops: Nagashima Saketen


Nagashima Saketen was founded in 1969
The second generation, Takahiro Nagashima (39 in 2007), took over the management in 1994 after 2 years spent in Bordeaux, France where he successfully graduated from the Oenology Faculty.
Takahiro Nagashima offers not only great and equal service whatever your budget, but will gracefully keep you informed on his blog or by direct e-mail upon request.
Apart of overhauling his father’s business, notably introducing credit-card payment (not always available in other shops), he has been actively promoting local products over the years through tatsing parties, breweries and cellar visits and restaurants/bars recommendations.
As for Shizuoka Sake, just read his listing:
Hakuin Masamune, Takasago, Eikun, Shosetsu, Garyuubai, Chuumasa, Haginishiki, Masuichi, Hatsukame, Isojiman, Suginishiki, Kikuyoi, Shisaizumi, Wakatake, Sayogoromo (which I visited in his company!) & Han no Mai! Almost half of the Shizuoka Breweries represented!
Apart of of wine (great rack prices!), sake, shochu, beers, spirits, he also offers someinteresting fresh cheeses and even bread cooked by local French Chef friends!


Nagashima Saketen
Address: 420-0804 Shizuoka Shi, Aoi-Ku, Ryuunan, 1-12-7
Tel.: 054-2459260
Fax: 054-2459252
Open every day: 11:00~21:00
Credit Cards ok

2 Responses to “Liquor Shops: Nagashima Saketen”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Sounds excellent! It’s rare to find a shop (although I’m fortunate to have one in my neighborhood) that carries both excellent wine and sake. Usually one has to suffer…And fresh French bread to boot, what a boon!

    Your sushi dinner also looks lovely. I’ll definitely check out Tomii if I make it down to Shizuoka.

  2. dragonlife Says:

    Dear Melinda!
    Well, in Shizuoka we are blessed with quite a few good shops. Apparently Shizuoka people are fervent drinkers. Climate?
    More introductions to come soon!
    Yes, Tomii is one of the spots to visit!
    More to come , too!

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